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The bodies of Juan Guzman Rocha "Juancho" and Jose Miguel Bastidas "Guero Bastidas" killed because El Chapo found out Juancho was cooperating with the authorities..

Jan 7, 2024 ... Nobody's responded to this post yet. Add your thoughts and get the conversation going.Search Reddit posts and comments - see average sentiment, top terms, activity per day and more.He wore a baseball cap with a badge bearing the face of Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman and "prisoner 3578" - Guzman's inmate number before he escaped through a tunnel ...

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The husband finally gets shot in the gut and the wife. The husband runs inside while the wife is screaming on the street. The older guy returns with an assault rifle and point blank shoots the screaming wife in the head a couple times. You can hear the husband yelling in the garage and gets shot off camera.Good choice. I’ve never liked gore at all, but I could stomach things okay and curiosity would lead me to look at crime scene photos or stories such as the one this post is about. I think senior year of highschool I saw part of that ghost rider video on accident. Someone had disguised the link.Not even a video. But the audio of serial killers Bittaker and Norris torturing one of their female victims is fucking brutal and used by the cia for training purposes on how to handle gore. 46M subscribers in the AskReddit community. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.The text on the video says "Puro MZ" which would imply that it's the work of gunman under Sinaloa Cartel's Mayo Zambada. However, SDP noticias is currently claiming the perpetrators may be Jalisco New Generation Cartel, while they don't elaborate on the claim its believed to stem from the fact that "Puro MZ" has been used in Gore videos to ...

Thats a weak ass list. Add in: Cable de Acero, escolta suicida, narco batallon, el mero leon de los Zetas, all by Beto Quintanilla except the las one.A cartel in Mexico recruited them through a bait-and-switch scam. The bait was a call center job with high pay (for the area in Jalisco) and benefits. Five friends all went to sign up, thinking there would be safety in numbers. But it turned out there was no such opportunity for work. It was a cartel looking for new military-age men.dev_yo3. •. After days of fighting in El Aguaje, Michoacán, which is near Tepalcatepec, a group of CJNG sicarios abducted a leader of Carteles Unidos, tortured him, then uploaded images of his torture on social media. The victim is known as "Ghost Rider" a leader of CU which consists of several groups, allied, largely headed by Los ...Jose Luis Estrada Martinez AKA "El Pepino", of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel. He was responsible for the death of Alejandro Coronel (16 years old), the son of Sinaloa Cartel leader Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel Villarreal. "El Pepino" was killed by "Nacho" in retaliation for the death of his son.And then the cartel finds the head of polices house and executes him and his family. Or offers a bribe to the soldiers worth several years salary to look the other way. Recruits have a salary of $500 a month/$6,000 a year are usually poor and illiterate.

We have an all-horror/true crime/gore Discord server where we conduct watch parties, open (mic/cam) sessions, book reviews and game streaming. We have exclusive channels for movies, books, comics, anime/manga, art, gore, true crime cases and other oddities. We also added regular channels for music and shitposting.The Mexican cartels is an easy way of saying instead of memorising all those terrorist cells themselves. It's like the Mafia and not even just American and Italian I mean like the Ndrangheta vs Camorra and the ton of other Mafia groups alot of which are further subdivided into clans/families or groups.I believe it starts as soon as an execution ends. The reason the videos are said to be related is the similarities in the house. If I remember correctly, I'm inclined to believe it. They (whatever criminal group/ cartel made Funkytown) provably used the house as a safe/ torture house. Will post link if I find it. Edit: Here you go. ….

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Hi there. If you go to the NSFL page, you can (internally) search for the vid. Just search for funky town. A video was posted like a year ago, and to some other threads there are links to the vid available. Have fun/enjoy/good luck? what about funky town 2 they have a 2nd video now.The fact that FunkyTown is playing over a cartel torture video is both screwed up and literally hilarious. 5. Copy Link. schialytic fuck sensitive nugguses 18d ago #3312590. How to make an easy but delicious fried potatoes to keep you full during the video! Ingredients: Potatoes. Butter. Salt.It's sure way to cause you depression and a fucked up psyche. Your life is probably fucked as it is in the sense of your issues and problems and things you've seen online. Life is fucked and you don't need to fuck yourselves up anymore then necessary. Just my 2 cents. Peace 🏼.

Funkytown This one is the most fcked up torture ive seen. Skin flayed. Body full of cuts. Took his eyeballs out, then poke his eye sockets with a pointy object (probably a knife) Sliced his neck with a dull knife,i didnt know he was still alive until he tried to reach for his neck with his chopped arm. Insane video.Reddit iOS Reddit Android Reddit Premium ... Copy link Embed Go to NarcoFootage r/NarcoFootage • by [deleted] Cartel dismembers guy (Extreme, gore graphics, don't watch with a weak stomach) ... David Barron Corona high ranking Logan heights gang member also was a member of La eme became a hitman for the Tijuana Cartel was killed on November ...The no gore posts are to keep the sub from being banned. Reddit from time to time bans subs that are completely dedicated to gore, to the average person this sub is no different even if executions are 1% of the content. That's why r/watchpeopledie is gone and we're in like the 3rd or 4th version of NSFL.

armed vs disarmed blink Brutal torture seems to be a common thing that all the cartels do. It honestly surprises me how a majority of Cartel members are okay with this, even most killers in America are pretty grossed out burning a guy alive in acid and cutting his tongue out and watching him squirm. The Mafia used torture from time to time when someone really really ... fountain ridge apartments kenoshagotcha rva Never seen a gore video from the 80s even tho they had cameras. Pablo Escobar and all other traffickers in columbia grew up as children during a period of instability known as "the violence." It lasted at least a decade. Pretty common for children to see people get murdered. tow truck jess real name The video wastes no time in getting to the gore, as it opens on the star of the show: Someone, who i can only assume is the leader of this merry bunch, is holding up a Spirit of Halloween face mask. Except it's real. "Did a good job" on the removal is putting it mildly. This face was so expertly peeled that I honestly thought it was fake until ...It was the video of a 16 year old Guatemalan girl who was beaten and set on fire for her alleged participation in a murder. She was doused with petroleum products and reignited three times. She was still alive and moving after the first two times. Kid climbing up a pole to touch a powerline, getting electrocuted. rudabeh shahbazi measurementspuff bay city promo codemiddle part burst fade Gore video - Viagras behead father and rips the heart out of his son. Viagras behead father and rips the heart out of his son. The son was forced to watch as his father was beaten then beheaded. They turn their attention to the innocent son next. His killing is possibly the worse . son has his chest opened while alive and his heart ripped out. jps pharmacy arlington tx Best is the Woody Harrelson one, "Kingpin". Classic. "El Infierno" is a film that depicts the cartels & violence & corruption in Mexico pretty accurately . Check out the Mexican film 'Heli', I found it very realistic in terms of plot/ violence to what I imagine goes down there. 17 votes, 41 comments. Usually films will take liberties in ...LiveGore is a reality news website which reports on real life events which are of the interest to the public. Includes videos relating to true crime that have been taken from across the world. Due to the graphic nature of materials found on Live Gore, access is restricted to adults only (18+). !! brantley phillips funeral home obituary120mg to tspal harameen ha 4004 city codes list The beheading with the chainsaw ain't shit, the worst part is the second guy got it the worst because not only did they behead him with a fucked up knife but they dig into his arm with the chainsaw as they beheaded the first dude. Not once. Probably pissing his pants though, paralyzing fear is something else...